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Capital Aquarium Maintenance - Serving Ottawa and Kingston

[email protected] -- 613 200 7124

Our Services...

Maintenance - Cleaning and maintaining an aquarium is time consuming and a bit dirty! Let us handle all the mess, so you can enjoy your aquarium hassle free! Standard maintenance services include a 20-40% water change, algae removal, water quality testing, filter and equipment maintenance, disease diagnosis and treatment and decorating(aquascaping).

Build and Design - A properly designed and installed aquarium will lead to healthy, and beautiful fish, plants and other animals. Planted aquariums and more complex aquariums, in particular saltwater aquariums, need to be well planned out and modified in certain ways to make them efficient and problem free. Design and build services are an integral part of getting the aquarium that you really want. These services include general aquarium setup and delivery, personalized instructions, custom carpentry, in-wall aquariums, room-dividers, custom tanks, custom filtration systems, and of course for ponds it includes landscaping etc.

Consultation/Troubleshooting - Often newcomers to the aquarium hobby will become frustrated with their aquarium, as it has not turned out as they wanted. We can quickly inspect and assess exactly what has gone wrong with the aquarium, and help you get your tank in line with your vision. Or if you are new to the hobby and simply wish some guidance on how to proceed, and what equipment to use, etc, then we can also help in that area.